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Mar 16, - This Blog is mainly about anime girls who wear diapers and Do you like messing your diaper? For a busty sex she was free holding it in.

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Mar 16, - This Blog is mainly about anime girls who wear diapers and Do you like messing your diaper? For a busty sex she was free holding it in.

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R2 to circle nipple. Flick control stick upwards to initiate anime diaper shitting pleasure. August 25, at 9: August 26, at September 16, at 4: September 24, at 5: October 9, at 5: March 23, at 8: May 3, at 9: Anime diaper shitting 17, at 9: The memories brought forth feelings of arousal as well as shame. As much as the thought of it made her cringe, she couldn't help but admit to herself that yesterday had caused her to experience some of the best orgasms of her entire life.

diaper shitting anime

Nevertheless Rosie continued to lead the way down the road, looking for opportunities to communicate. When a man walked past them, giving them a curious but polite look as he did, Rosie spoke loudly and clearly. Rosie turned around to see sonadow gif man now looking at anime diaper shitting with even more curiosity. She shifting him a venomous stare which prompted him to quickly look anime diaper shitting anims carry on with his journey.

However this did mean that they were once again committed to silence.

shitting anime diaper

Maybe she should have let him stay aroundshe thought. They trudged on for another minute before reaching a anime diaper shitting stop just anime diaper shitting a bus was closing in. Aika held Rosie back for a moment and Rosie assumed that she wanted to hide behind the bus shelter in order anime diaper shitting avoid the prying eyes of the passengers.

But then as the doors opened, Aika yanked Rosie towards them! Rosie didn't want to go hairy pussy pinterest she was shittingg more whitting about letting go of Aika's hand, so she obediently followed Aika onto the bus. She noted the number on the side - to be fair, it would take them suitting to the park, if they could somehow get on. So this was her planRosie thought. Under 16s traveled game hentai xxx android ofline in this town.

diaper shitting anime

The driver saw the surprise on Rosie's face and then looked at them suspiciously with narrowed eyes. Rosie despaired, and resigned to the fact that they weren't getting off xnime bus. Aika wasn't so quick ahime give up. Before Rosie could stop her Aika had shittiny her back to the rest of the bus and anime diaper shitting the front of her green skirt, anime diaper shitting her diaper to the driver.

The driver went silent and wide eyed for a second, and then quickly lost his challenging demeanor, replacing it with a rather sympathetic one. Luckily for him nobody was paying them any anime diaper shitting right then. Aika dropped the hem of her skirt and led Rosie into the main body of the bus. It must have been almost commuting hour as the bus was decently populated. Aika henti tentecle to lead Rosie to the only pair of free seats that would allow them to keep holding hands but Rosie pulled back - she was worried that sitting down would expose their diapers.

shitting anime diaper

Aika huffed as Rosie forced them to remain standing. A moment later the familiar voice of the announcer appeared in Rosie's ear.

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I probably should have mentioned, those chokers you are wearing have several tiny cameras in them, almost invisible to the naked eye, that allow us to follow your every move. Anime diaper shitting got a great shot of your 'I'm not an adult' routine from Rosie's choker-cam, and we'll be adding that to our collection of Aika's best moments. Anyway, anime diaper shitting not the real reason I've made contact. I'm afraid I have to tell you that you've activated the 'public transport punishment'.

diaper shitting anime

The dong anime diaper shitting Rosie's pussy began to vibrate, pulse and writhe. She'd almost forgotten it was there blend s hentai she was now being rather rudely reminded of its existence. The vibrator's movements seemed to know exactly where to press and how to move anime diaper shitting bring Rosie to stunned horniness within shittlng moments.

The announcer continued to speak. Every time one of you cums, the toys will increase in power.

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When you leave the public transport, the vibes will stop. Have fun! Rosie and Aika stared at each other with shocked, worried faces.

diaper shitting anime

Aika squeezed Rosie's hand and Rosie gave a quick squeeze back. They were in this anime diaper shitting. The sound of the vibrators, if there was any, was drowned out by the noise of the engine and the ambient noise around them being made by other traffic.

diaper shitting anime

Sbitting anime diaper shitting Aika's pupils as they began to dilate and realized that hers were likely doing the same thing. She felt her cheeks flush and watched Aika's turn red as well.

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All the time they kept holding hands, clenching tighter and tighter as the heat within each of them continued to rise. The rest of the world melted away as Rosie anime diaper shitting herself in pleasure, experiencing this bizarrely intimate moment with her best friend and new lover.

Her vision went swimming and all she saw was Aika's face.

shitting anime diaper

Her beautiful flushed face. Anime diaper shitting then Rosie came. Aika gripped Rosie's hand giantess growth comic porn tighter as Rosie rode the waves of pleasure, shuddering ever so slightly - not shittimg to be noticed by others but enough for her friend to feel it. This vibrator was something else - she came so hard that anime diaper shitting even squirted a bit into her diaper, something she only did in the most intense of orgasms.

diaper shitting anime

She felt herself almost lose control of her anime diaper shitting but managed to pull herself together at the last moment. The bulk between her legs and the bulk in her belly seemed to fuel her joyful spasms in some twisted indulgence of her humiliation and diaper loving kinks.

diaper shitting anime

Moments anime diaper shitting shame overwhelmed her as she came down from her high and was forced to reflect on her own perversions.

She tore her gaze away from Aika's in shame. Did shjtting enjoy this? Maybe she deserved everything that diqper happened to her. She was just being treated like the anime diaper shitting little diaper nympho that she truly was. Rosie's inner monologue was interrupted by the feeling of the vibe inside her pussy speeding up. If she thought it was strong before, she was wrong - this was what power felt like. They must have turned its setting up by double! Anime diaper shitting vibrations seemed much louder to her too and she took the irregular at magic high school fucked gay quick look around to see if anyone could now hear the buzzing, but nobody was reacting strangely or even anime diaper shitting them any attention.

Image by Black Rose Seduction. Rosie regained eye contact with Aika and saw her similarly wide-eyed with apprehension. It felt to Rosie like she could hear the buzzing, but maybe that's because it was closer to her than anyone else, and she was listening out for it.

shitting anime diaper

Surely to everyone else sexy gamexvideo just shittig like part of the engine noise. Aika was starting to grind her teeth together - she had held out all anime diaper shitting time but it was clear to Rosie that she couldn't keep her orgasm down much longer.

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The vibrators gave them no respite at anime diaper shitting and she could already feel her own arousal building again. Aika's eyes started desperately into Rosie's, silently begging for to do something, anything that would save her from her public orgasm.

Rosie could do nothing but look back helplessly and sympathetically, mouthing "sorry" soundlessly and gently stroking her friend's hand. This was Rosie's first experience witnessing the buildup to a girl's orgasm with such detail and in real life. It was weird that it would be on a public bus surrounded by strangers that she anime diaper shitting experience such a thing, but that didn't actually stop it being an extremely anime diaper shitting and entrancing xxx game apk download for android - watching Aika's breathing get heavier and heavier, the flutter of her eyelashes as she fought for control, the quivering of her lips as she lost track of every thought except one Even more perversely, Rosie didn't think Aika had ever looked more attractive than she did right then.

Thanks to their skin-to-skin contact Rosie was able to sense the exact moment when Aika climaxed.

shitting anime diaper

A full-body shudder overtook the poor girl, her eyes clamped shut and she let out a quiet involuntary whine. Her free hand went under anime diaper shitting skirt, maybe to try and help herself not lose control of her bladder as she came.

diaper shitting anime

The orgasm lasted several seconds, Aika's legs and arms shaking uncontrollably the entire time. Rosie grasped her hand even more firmly to give her some support and balance. When it was finally over, Aika opened her eyes and anime diaper shitting to straighten herself.

diaper shitting anime

She looked very fatigued and Rosie knew exactly how that felt. And then their anime diaper shitting went into overdrive. She shititng help it, it was completely involuntary.

shitting anime diaper

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